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Best achievement in PIC development

This category celebrates the efforts of foundry service providers, fabless companies, equipment manufacturers, and packaging and test centers enabling the future production of Photonic Integrated Circuits, PIC-enabled products, enabling innovative applications to the field on photonic integration.


Continuous forefront position in bringing Silicon Photonics into high volume manufacturing.


Ciena's multi-terabit 8700 Packetwave Platform and MEF-CE2.0 certified 5160 Service Aggregation Switch.


Lumentum, InP and Silicon Photonics data transceivers.

Intel Corporation

400G Silicon Photonics Transceiver product line.


VCSEL array in 3D sensing for Face ID in consumer mobile applications.

VLC Photonics

Outstanding contribution to creation and support of the ecosystem for fabless PIC development.

Best achievement in PIC platform

This award recognizes advances in the development and application of key materials systems driving today’s photonic integrated circuits and providing a stepping stone to future devices.


TAVI Platform

Rockley Photonics

Launching of a high-performance, scalable laser for use in sensing, 3D imaging and other applications that demand high-volume manufacturing.

Lightwave Logic

Development of 100GHz polymer based PICs.

Teem Photonics

Development of ion exchange waveguides in passive pics, used among other applications in passively Q-switched UV lasers.

EFFECT Photonics

Demonstration of automatic wavelength tuning capability between InP-PIC based transceivers


A Portfolio of Metro Packet-Optical Solutions based on InP-PICs.

Intel Corporation

400G Silicon Photonics Transceiver platform.


Outstanding effort in bringing InP PIC platform for data centers and optical networks.

Best new PIC-enabled product or achievement in optical-fibered modules

This category celebrates the efforts by companies bringing PICs in applications where PICs are connected to fiber optics, such as in transceivers-modules, tunable lasers, high speed photodiodes.


Outstanding effort in commercializing InP-PICs driven FBG interrogator.


Sicoya, 100G/400G transceiver pilot line.

PHIX Photonics Assembly

Vision in creating a volume production centre for PIC-based modules.

Acacia Communications

Acacia’s new AC1200 Coherent Module.


100G optical transmission PIC enabled solutions over distances of two to 2,000 kilometers.

Best new PIC-enabled product or achievement in non-optical-fibered modules

This category celebrated the efforts by companies bringing to PICs to different markets, where the PIC is not connected to a single or array of optical fibers, this could be in applications such as sensing, consumer electronics, environmental monitoring, AR/VR, medical.


Achievement in the field of 3D sensing in the consumer electronics market.


Work in the development of PIC-driven portable laboratories.


Outstanding work leading the penetration of Photonic Integrated Circuits in the Biotech sector.


An EU funded project, with the goal of early stage cardiovascular disease detection using Silicon Photonics.


Achievement in the field of 3D sensing in the consumer electronics market.

PIC Individual contributor award

Individual contributor to pics and pic technologies either academic, industrial, commercial, or governmental, either by demonstrated results, designs, publications, prototypes, product, patents, policies, etc.

Peter O'Brien

Tyndall National Institute

Graham Reed

University of Southampton

Peter De Dobbelaere


PIC Lifetime achievement award

The name of this category is self-explanatory. Previous winners: Meint Smit (2017), Roel Baets (2018).

Mike Wale

TU Eindhoven, ex-Oclaro

Lionel Kimerling

AIM Photonics Academy

Beck Mason


Martin Schell

Fraunhofer HHI

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